This is a Property Rental Restricted Community. 

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Please contact Jordan Stockton from RMS at jstockton@rmsassist.com or Lee Jackson from AMS at ljackson@accessmgt.com with property rental questions.

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The Hamptons of Duluth Board of Directors. 

As a homeowner in The Hamptons of Duluth, you will quickly notice the friendly atmosphere of this community. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful place to live that is so close to all the amenities you could possibly want.
The Board of Directors is here to help you with any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to call or send us an email.

When I moved to The Hamptons of Duluth, I had plans to retire here and I hope your living experience here will also be a long and pleasant one. We invite you to become a member of our community and enjoy all that the neighborhood has to offer. The online newsletter will contain valuable information as well as upcoming events.

Whether you enjoy hanging around in the yard, or taking a stroll through the quiet streets of the community, don’t be afraid to wave at your neighbor and say, “hello”. I haven’t had one bite me yet. Welcome to The Hamptons of Duluth!

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  1. Jessica Braithwaite

    What are the hours for the pool and we were left a key card by the previous owners of our house but it doesn’t seem to work….but I don’t know if the lock is on a timer? If so, what are the hours so we can plan and enjoy.

  2. Jessica Braithwaite

    We were sent a pool waiver by the management company via email. Do you know where or to whom we submit the signed form?

    1. chmdavis Post author


      1. Bring old pool card with you. $10 charge if old card has been lost.
      2. Print waiver, (available on sidebar menu), read it, fill it out and bring to one of the sign-up sessions below
      Wednesday, May 5th 7:00PM-8:30PM
      Thursday, May 6th 7:00PM-8:30PM
      Saturday, May 8th 10:00AM-12:00PM

  3. wlHiggins

    We are new residents as of this past Summer. We didn’t get a pool key from the original owners and did not sign up for the pool last year. Should I contact Cindi Stines to deliver our waiver and pick up a key? Thanks a lot!

  4. Glynis Riescher

    Why are SAYOR hours not starting until June 1? Don’t they usually start once the pool is open every day?

  5. Glynis Riescher

    Just curious why the parade and pool party aren’t on the 4th like it has always been (no matter what day of the week it falls on?) Wasn’t the DJ already booked for the 4th? Monday the 5th is a holiday.

  6. Diane Laird

    The zero entry pool did not appear to be circulating when my granddaughter visited a few days ago. Also with our very warm days the water is to warm for children. Perhaps the lifeguard on break could add water with a hose occasionally.

  7. Byung Hoon Yi

    I would like to cut down a tree in my front yard. It is a big oak tree and it brings a lot of caterpillar evert summer spreading to my neighbor’s yard.

  8. Glynis Roescher

    To the homeowners board:
    I have heard through the grapevine that you are considering cutting back on lifeguard hours for the upcoming pool season. As this is our biggest asset and where a good chunk of our homeowner dues goes towards I have some concerns and was hoping that the neighborhood would be solicited for feedback. A lot of
    us purchased our house is because of the lifeguard at the pool. I understand there is inflation and that our pool does have some slow times where we could get away without lifeguard there are other times where a lifeguard is necessary – weekends/holidays and end of May and the first few weeks of June when school first gets out, afternoons and evenings. For the times that a lifeguard would not be available how often would the water be checked and who would we call if someone was being disruptive, trespassers or a kid pooped in the pool? Those are just some concerns off the top of my head and I look forward to the board communicating their plans to all of us.

  9. Diane Laird

    I am having trouble finding emails for new board members. If you see this can you forward please. I don’t know who is responsible for cleaning the pool restrooms but I have been collecting and disposing of many dead roaches, nasty. Also apparently after life guard leaves, folks are not putting pool toys back in container which I did pick up today. Maybe a note to all would do the trick


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