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As an association we strive to make the most of what we have. We care about the condition of our neighborhood and the safety of our residents. We have organized groups of homeowners that bring to you many events and community functions. We want to encourage each of you to participate, make suggestions, and just have fun. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at the email addresses listed below.
Adult Social
Architectural Requests
Children Social
Co-Op Program (Pine Straw Distribution)
COPS (Community Oriented  Policing Services)
SAYOR (Swim At Your Own Risk)
Website and Techology

2 thoughts on “Committees

  1. Jennifer Uchima

    Good evening.
    Unfortunately I was unable to make the last HOA meeting due to my working hours. However my family and I have a few pool concerns.
    Unlike the previous years, why don’t we have a lifeguard on duty Monday Thursday Sunday?
    The trash is always full and smells. The bathrooms are dirty and not stocked, soap is spilled on the sink and the bottle of soap had bugs in it. Two of the umbrellas are broken and don’t work. The baby pool is dirty and filled with bugs and leafs. Also the sprinklers haven’t worked since pre Covid-19.
    Please try to fix these issues as our surrounding neighbors are also complaining.

    Thank you

    1. chmdavis Post author

      I have referred this to the HOA President, Milton Cloutier, for a response.

      Charles Davis


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