A message from our Board President

Hello Hamptons of Duluth neighbors,

I am excited to begin the 2018-2019 HOA season as your new president of Hamptons of Duluth Home Owners Association board. Although I have served several terms on the board, this position is a new venture for me. I am surrounded by great board members with many years of expertise & perspective so I am confident this will be a productive year.

Milton Cloutier-Vice President
Sam Weir-Treasurer
Charles Ritz-Secretary

Hamptons of Duluth property is managed by Access Management Group and our property manager is Lee Jackson.

The Hamptons of Duluth is a mature neighborhood and many of our homes are beginning to require more than just minor maintenance to remain marketable. As you drive up to your home be mindful of the condition of things that perhaps have become comfortable and taken for granted. Think curb appeal, would your home be attractive to you if you were a current buyer? Look around, do you have adult trees that need attention, a roof that needs replacing, retaining wall that needs replacing or a fence that needs repair or replaced? Maybe it just annual maintenance like keeping your mailbox up to code or semi-annual mulching. Whichever, let’s work to keep our Hamptons of Duluth an attractive desirable neighborhood. Remember to contact the Architectural committee for major enhancements or changes.

I would like to encourage & invite you to join a committee or volunteer to help with an event and join us at our monthly HOA meetings. We meet on 1st Monday of each month in the Hamptons of Duluth clubhouse at 7:30pm. If interested please contact any board member to get involved, we would love to have you.

Candy Stines
President Hamptons of Duluth HOA